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Pricilla Agatha

The Mystery Girl

Pricilla Agatha

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Pricilla Agatha

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I’m also an author of several amazing books that you’ll find inspiring, motivating and educational, atop being interesting and fun to read

" I love Ripple in Still Water's books and magazine. Their content is very wonderful and enjoyable. – Mark Hoppus"


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Pricilla Agatha

I act with integrity as a professional journalist to practice ethical journalism. With the principles, there’s free information exchange and integrity. I want to help aspiring journalists to startaking small steps to pursuing a career in journalism so I started this blog.


Awwards 2016

I got best award of Author and Journalism of 2016 for my amazing books and magazine.


Awwards 2017

I frame issues and present their correspondence to my audience. As a result I again got award of 2017.


Awwards 2019

I got best author award of 2019 again for my best book "IF YOU TELL."

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Chapter 1

During my travels, I meet interesting people and make new friends. I often interview various people with diverse backgrounds.


Chapter 2

I work with people who’re knowledgeable, informed on their line of duty and passionate about what they do.


Chapter 3

Working in an environment filled with action and tight deadlines, I constantly experience adrenaline rush and deliver great stories.


Chapter 4

With my skills, experience and expertise, I’m able to do independent research and post verified information for my readers.