The Benefits Of Reading Books And Magazines

Reading can be considered one of the most important hobbies -or even pastimes- someone could have. It enriches your vocabulary, allows you to travel without moving from your comfortable spot, and teaches you lessons that you might not encounter otherwise. Reading books and magazines specifically has a plethora of benefits that often go unnoticed. For example, reading War and Peace by Leo Tolstoy can take months, if not years. During this time, you are completely invested in the story and setting, giving you a much-needed break from reality.

Furthermore, though it may be a slow process, reading allows you to speed through different plot lines and settings at your own pace; unlike watching a movie where everything is decided for you. Finally, once you finish a book or magazine, you have a physical object to remember it by; whether it be underlining your favorite quotes or jotting down notes in the margins. Unlike watching a movie where it fades from memory as soon as the credits start rolling, a book or magazine is something you can hold on to forever. In conclusion, reading books and magazines provide an escape from reality, allows you to control the pacing, and provide a physical reminder long after you are done with it.

Whether you’re reading for pleasure or for information, books and magazines offer a wealth of benefits that are sure to enrich your life.

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