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Journalism has made me more connected to my community and the world.

Ripple in Still Water runs a journal of my life, personal and professional experiences, opinions and thoughts. Here, I share deep things you’ll find insightful, especially if you’re interested in becoming a journalist or simply want to improve your career.


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I’m also an author of several amazing books that you’ll find inspiring, motivating and educational, atop being interesting and fun to read.

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Mark Twain

Lighting Thief

Mark Twain

Magnus Chase

Mark Twain

Pricilla Agatha


I cover everything I see to help me choose the most compelling content to publish. With my writing, readers understand complex issues raised. I frame issues and present their correspondence to my audience.


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With my skills, experience and expertise, I’m able to do independent research and post verified information for my readers. This also helps me become an expert in my local community.